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Most top coaches specialise in coaching tour professionals. I have been in the thick of it coaching every day golfers for 20 years, I have experimented with many different swing methods both on myself and with my clients, to discover what works best and what doesn't. Don't waste your time searching around online or trying to get scraps of info from top coaches - I have already done it and experimented with it, so you don't have to!

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Constantly buying the latest equipment to try and improve your game? Using slice correcting clubs? For far less than the cost of one of those new clubs, you could learn the method that will change your golf for life! Like the idea of being able to hit any club? That could be you.

Fed up with not knowing why you hit it well one minute, and badly the next?

It's the question we have all asked after a bad shot…. Why? Especially after a good range session, then get out onto the course and hit a hot worse than anything you would ever hit on the range! And stand there asking WHY? Join the website and find out why. And more importantly, what steps you can take to make that a thing of the past.


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