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About me

I started golf as a young junior, got my first handicap at 8yrs old. Won junior of the year at my club twice, and would be disappointed if I didn't break par every round before the age of 18. I went on to what I thought was going to be a career as a tour professional. However, with the first signs of needing a little help to get there, I went for my first series of prolonged golf lessons. Unfortunately these lessons had no direction, no plan to them, the advice was poor and limiting to my speed and took me away from everything I already knew. After a while, I switched to a different coach and it only got worse. Unfortunately, this poor experience robbed me of my opportunity to play my best golf at my peak. I then took things into my own hands and started studying the golf swing in-depth. At first I wanted to learn a great method, and then when that method failed for me, I wanted to know everything! This journey took many years of studying, experimenting and studying some more. After working in the professional golf industry for 20 years and being a full-time coach for 10 years, working with tour coaches, experienced coaches etc there is no stone left unturned. One thing I discovered quite early on, is that there are a lot of methods out there - I mean a lot! Many of them are trying to teach you the same thing, but are taught differently depending on the coaches own perspective and experience with his own swing. Some are just trying to come up with something unique to stand out from the crowd - whether it works or not! Some are just trying to generate views and clicks and have nothing to offer. Some coaches base their entire method on generating distance, others on consistency accuracy and strike (CAS) with no thought towards the other. Some coaches even coach their own unique, unusual method because that's what they "feel" and so that must be the way to do it for everyone! Well, anyway. After spending many years and thousands of hours navigating through this minefield, trying all the methods worth trying on myself and clients alike, I came to a conclusion. Almost any method "can" work, the same method can also be disastrous for someone else. And there is no "magic move" that will fix everything. It's simple physics, you gain in one area, chances are you will lose something somewhere else. So, I came up with a set of rules. With every movement, before deciding on it you need to ask some questions…

  • Is this movement going to promote distance or CAS? And which do I need most?
  • Is this movement efficient? For example, taking a run-up like Happy Gilmore might possibly gain you 3 yards? But I would say it's a pretty safe assumption to say it will sacrifice your CAS more than it will gain you distance. So it's an inefficient movement, therefore probably not one you will want in your golf swing.
  • Is this movement within my range of movement? Can I do it?

On this website, I will take all of the most efficient movements for every part of the golf swing and put them to you to make the decision. I will clarify if it is a CAS based move or a distance based one. I will go through all the pros and cons allowing you to make an informed decision yourself and customise your golf swing to get out of it exactly what you want.

Sound complicated? No problem, just go with the base model. The base model is what I deem to be the ultimate golf swing that utilises all of the most efficient movements to give you a great CAS producing golf swing whilst also producing great distance numbers. There are drills and procedures to go through to give you this awesome all-round golf swing.

I started this journey to improve my own golf and to try and fully understand the golf swing for my own benefit. This goal has changed over time. I now want to share this knowledge, to help others improve their golf, to stop them from going through the same nightmare coaching experience I had, and create an easy to follow programme that can get anyone playing and enjoying decent golf in no time at all.